Rachel loves being Wife to Jeremy and Mommy to Aisha, Gabriel, and Levi. She adores cooking (She was on a cooking competition show once!) and long solo hikes in the mountains. She is in love with Jesus, who she met as a young girl growing up near Kansas City, Missouri.

Her love for God and people made her childhood a great adventure, and gave her the strength she needed to weather the life-storms she faced through adolescence. Years later, serving as an intern in a church on the Mexican border,  she met the love of her life, Jeremy. They have served together as pastors as well as missionaries and evangelists in the US, Mexico, India, and Malawi.

While living in Africa with Jeremy and their youngest daughter Aisha, Rachel's heart caught fire for the power and potential of ministry to women. She would often visit the sick and dying in their homes, walking for miles with African women who were themselves HIV+. She would worship and participate in fasting and prayer along side hundreds of others who, though they seemed to have very little in the way of physical possessions, were the richest women Rachel had ever met. 

Rachel loves God's Word, and God often speaks to her through her dreams. Rachel's heart for ministry is simple. She passionately believes that the power and loving presence of God are enough to heal any wound, free any captive, and bring hope in any situation.